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“I have been doing private training with Jon for over a year now and he has really helped to keep me focused on fitness and motivated to get stronger. When I went back to work full-time last summer and realized it would be difficult to get to classes, Jon made himself available to coach me after work.


After COVID-19 shut down the gym, Jon suggested personal training via Zoom. At first, I thought that would be awkward and wouldn’t work, but Jon showed up at my house with weights, kettle-bells, and a resistance band the day the gym closed and assured me it would not be awkward. I decided to give it a shot, and now the training has become part of my “new normal” routine and I look forward to heading to my basement for those sessions.

Jon always has a new, challenging workout for me and they never get boring – even online! I especially look forward to his plank ideas – when we could meet in person my favorite was planks with a 25 or 35 lb. weight on my back. Now that we have shifted to virtual training via Zoom, he has come up with one-handed planks! And yes, it’s as hard as it sounds.

Overall Jon has helped me stay motivated for these sessions as well as CFP Zoom classes in general, and I truly believe his strength and conditioning workouts benefit my running goals as well.

I would be remiss not to thank everyone at CFP who is clearly working overtime to keep the community engaged and motivated remotely: All the coaches for the online classes, Mike for his fabulous newsletter and videos (not to mention the mustache), Jon and Leah for the daily healthy living challenges and Stina for the videos.”



“I could definitely go on and on about meeting great people, learning a ton from the knowledgeable and caring staff, and feeling great about my progress- but I think you get the message. I recommend this gym to anyone and everyone! I have had a great time and look forward to what’s to come!”



“CrossFit Prototype is an amazing place. The coaches are top-notch–always encouraging, always ready to guide you, help you, scale you, etc. The programming is never routine, it’s varied, fun, and challenging. And last, but not least–it’s the member community who complete CFP. It’s fantastic!”


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