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How has your Fitness been during Quarantine?

Oh yeah, we have #PPE for our members!

Over the past couple of months (since the stay at home order was put in place) we have been having A LOT of conversations with not only our members but people in general about exercise and wellness during these times.

What we have found may come at no surprise, but there are two common themes around people’s personal fitness right now:

1.) People have MORE time to exercise and are taking full advantage of it!

What a better way to relieve stress, clear your mind, and get out of the house than to go outside for a run or bike ride?! How about a bodyweight circuit that requires no equipment?!

You can sleep in a bit more, roll out of bed and start your workout. Think about it, the commute to the gym has gone away. For many people, the convenience of virtual classes has been a game-changer for their schedule. They are exercising more than they ever had because they have the time to do it!

In addition, as the weather gets warmer that means more UNSTRUCTURED physical activity (UPA for short). What is UPA you ask? It’s basically all the movement you do without really considering it to be exercise. Like walking up and down the stairs, doing yard work, picking your kids up and running around the yard with them. This activity can burn A LOT of energy (calories) and we aren’t even thinking about it.

On the other hand, this #QuarantineLife hasn’t necessarily meant more physical activity and exercise for everyone.

2.) People have STOPPED exercising or it’s become almost non-existent.

Despite what I mentioned above, there are a great deal of people whose lives have been upended in a BIG WAY!

Their job has drastically changed where they are constantly on virtual calls all day. On top of that, they have become homeschool teachers for their kids. In addition, their routines have just gone to the wayside and these people need structure to their day, which right now things are pretty unstructured (not UPA!).

Even though we might theoretically have more time (which is great!) it doesn’t necessarily mean you can take advantage of it. And even with more time and more exercise doesn’t mean you are still crushing your #FitnessGoals.

Furthermore, there are some people that are just not motivated to do anything (is this you?). They once had the accountability of showing up to the gym but they haven’t got into the virtual fitness routines. They have been binging #TigerKing and #TheLastDance for the past few weeks and can’t get out of their own way. If this is you, you are not alone.

So what can you do?

If you are in camp #1, awesome. You already nailed down the exercise component and you’re crushing it!

So how about the nutrition component?

How about your sleep?

How has your hydration been?

Have you given thought to improving your mindfullness?

There is always something to focus on that can potentially be the bottleneck to your results. Let’s figure out what that is and let’s crush it! The reality is ALL OF THESE THINGS drive results, not just one of them!

So start by identifying what that is and start small. It may require you to call a friend and get an accountability partner to keep you on track. Start a 21 Day Challenge to help you build the habits you want to build! Just focus on one area and grow from there!

If you are in camp #2 we need to focus on things YOU CAN CONTROL. Based on your current schedule right now (if that is the obstacle), maybe set your alarm a little earlier and get your exercise in before the day starts. This seems like a no brainer but it’s the ACTION that makes the difference.

Start with 1 early morning workout before the kids get up and do something for 30 minutes. You don’t need a ton of time commitment to get a great workout in.

If the obstacle isn’t TIME but it’s resources or you don’t know what to do, here is a 30 Day Home Workout Guide that is FREE to download to help you get started. These workouts are short, modifiable, and don’t require any equipment!

As always, if you need help, we are here to help. Just shoot me an email at!

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Should you Rx the workout or not?

Should you Rx the workout or not?

By: Mike Collette Owner/Head Coach at CrossFit Prototype

The infamous question that we get asked as Coaches and personal trainers and actually ask ourselves many of time is “Should I Rx this workout?” It’s a great question and one that needs to be given some clarity. What we have broken down the concept of “scaling” based on 3 factors:

  1. Movement efficiency, competency, and capacity
    • How well do you move based on the prescribed movements? Can you perform those movements under the intended load and intensity and do you have the physical capacity to perform these movements without breaking down physically?
  2. Purpose and Goal of the workout of the day (WOD)
    • Based on the programming for the day, what is the desired stimulus and energy system that you are challenging? Is the WOD suppose to be short and fast and challenge more of your anaerobic capacity or is it designed to be paced long and slow and be more of an aerobic focus?
  3. Personal Goals
    • Based off of number 2 above (Purpose and Goal of the WOD), you need to ask yourself, “what are my personal goals and how can the WOD impact those goals?” Is your goal to just move well, improve strength or improve metabolic conditioning?

When asking this question, the above factors are necessary to consider and are vital to your overall success.

Let’s dive into an example and play devil’s advocate:


Every Minute on the Minute for as long as possible:

11 burpees

7 pull ups

* The purpose of this is to be used as a bodyweight capacity tester; can you perform bodyweight movements at high speed with proper recovery and maintain consistent pace. This will challenge and tax your physical capacity at high intensity as well as your aerobic capacity with regards to recovery. With the physiology of the WOD in mind, this is as much mental as it is physical. Making it into the next round is gratifying to continue but mentally fatiguing knowing you have more work to do.

Speed is relative in the world of CrossFit but it is very much so, along with the other 9 physical skills (10 general physical skills: accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, power, stamina, endurance and speed) vital to success in fitness and life. I would argue that in addition to speed in CrossFit, power, endurance, and strength are the next three vital components to being well rounded. Now if we take a look at this workout, it is a combination of speed, endurance, and strength (you can argue coordination if you are doing butterfly or kipping pull ups) but at the end of the day, these are the biggest components to this workout.

With each workout at Prototype, we like to set goals or standards for our members. We give estimates on how long something should take, how it should feel and also suggestions for the pace of the workout. For this CrossFit workout in particular, we gave a minimum of 8 rounds that needed to be done. With that said, if the work was not completed in under 1 minute it turns into 8 rounds for time. Meaning the time frame for this workout would be a minimum of 8 minutes to what people could do beyond (roughly 12 minutes).  If you feel like you can’t do the desired work within 1 minute, then scaling would be appropriate to meet the desired effect of the WOD. Again, moving at your relative speed to accomplish your relative workload within 1 minute is the goal of the WOD.

However, in regard to personal training goals, if you have a personal goal of getting better at pull ups or doing unbroken pull up sets, then this WOD can be used to challenge that goal. It might require you to slow down the pace, take more rest time and concentrate on the pull up movement. That’s fine. But saying “I just want to Rx the WOD” isn’t a goal. It won’t continue to contribute to your overall physical goals if that is the case. More importantly with respect to the 1st factor, movement quality and efficiency take precedent over all. This is crucial to future success and also mitigating injury.

Now that we took a look at a challenging bodyweight WOD, let’s take a look at a workout with some different modalities:


5 RFT (rounds for time)

5 cleans (95/65lb Rx) (135/95lb Rx+)

5 front squats

5 shoulder to overhead

*The purpose of this workout is to challenge power, strength, stamina, coordination and endurance. This is a barbell dominated WOD which will catch up to anyone in a short time taxing the lower body, midline stability and overhead strength. For the firebreathers of the world, this might be a 2 min WOD for the avg CrossFitter it might be more of an 8-10 min workout. This is an anaerobic burner with the intent of constantly moving load with smaller volume.

Perfect example here of a WOD that will raise the question of, “Should I Rx or Rx+?”. Another level of programming with multiple standards. Again, we break down the purpose of the WOD and the goal. Then we look at that person’s movement efficiency, competency and capacity, can they perform these movements safely and with proper movement mechanics. We then look at the goal of the individual athlete. Is their goal to improve strength? Is it to increase their ability to move weight quickly and improve stamina and endurance? Is their goal to feel good after the workout? Several factors to consider.

As a coach and personal trainer, the easiest way to identify and to give the best guidance is to talk with your clients/athletes. Get an understanding for their goals and also their movement quality. From there you can aid in helping them make the best decision with full discretion of what the purpose of the workout is.

SCALING: It’s your workout!

This is an interesting thing in the world of CrossFit and in many fitness gyms it is often demonized. Demonized in the sense that many people think it’s “not cool” to scale or that “if you scale, what’s the point of doing the WOD?” Tough mentality and concept to change, but it is vital to understand that what you do for your workout on that given day needs to align with the factors discussed above. I have personally seen people who take the slow and steady approach to CrossFit where they slowly work into the volume, focus on the movement patterns, scale back on the intensity and overall slow down to create proper habits. The people who we have do this have made tremendous gains and have mitigated injury as well. I can’t stress the importance that “scaling” is just a word. Don’t think about it as “doing less”. The WOD on the board is just the WOD on the board and at the end of the day your workout needs to be structured and individualized for you. It is a great feeling to hit that Rx button on WODIFY, I know. But it’s more gratifying to see gradual development of skills and strengths.

From the famous words of Coach Brian Zancewicz, “If we took the whiteboard away, it wouldn’t make a difference!”. Meaning, it’s not the most important thing in the world to be on top or doing the WOD Rx. We want to make it relative for you and as specific as possible! Keep working hard on your pursuit of excellence everyone!

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The Prototype Games

Introducing The Prototype Games

2015 CF Games Open

By: Mike Collette Head Coach/Owner of CrossFit Prototype

The Prototype Games is a simple concept that we thought up to bring even more value to the CFP community. We believe that fitness should be fun and we also believe that friendly competition creates camaraderie and strengthens communities. With that said, we bring you The Prototype Games. The Prototype Games combines the idea of the worldwide CrossFit Games Open concept along with the newly created CrossFit Games Team Series competition.

The Prototype Games will be a 5 week event. Each week  we will announce a WOD that you will perform to earn points. The catch: this is going to be a same gender partner style competition.

This is a CrossFit Prototype competition, it’s not a local competition or open to anyone else except our members at CFP. We will be programming the WODs, we will host a date to “throw down” and each WOD will be judged and scored appropriately. Scores will be submitted online similar to how The Open and Team Series were with a deadline of submission.

Similar to The Open, we will have an “announcement” date. Each WOD will be announced on Thursday night at 8pm. You will have until Tuesday at 5pm to complete the WOD. Each week we will announce what the WOD is going to be for that week. Will it be just 1 workout or multiple WODs? Well you will find out when it’s announced! Anything is possible. Will you need to do each WOD with your partner? You will find out at the announcement as well!

START DATE: Thursday January 14th 2016

END DATE: Tuesday February 16th 2016

THROWDOWN DATE: Every Saturday following the Thursday announcement

Similar to The CrossFit Open, there will be “Open athletes” and “Masters Athletes”.  Open athletes age range will be 16-39 years old. Master’s division stats at 40. Masters 1 will range from 40-54 and Masters 2 will range from 55+. If you are an “Open” athlete and partner with a “Master” you will be in the “Open” division, really simple. Divisions will further be broken down by gender. Since this is a Male/Male and Female/Female competition, this division’s are below:

Open Division:



Masters Division 1 (40-54):



Masters Division 2 (55+):



At the end of the 5 weeks and scores tallied, we will have 6 winners. Each team will choose a team name and that team name will be put on a banner which we will hang at CFP to announce the 1st Prototype Games Champions! We will potentially have weekly prizes for best performance of the week and also more prizes to give to the overall winners.

Rx or Scaled

Here is where most of the questions come when talking about signing up for competitions or competing: should I do Rx or scaled? So the cool thing at The Prototype Games is that there will be an Rx option and a Scaled option each week. You can choose whatever aligns most with your ability. Maybe you can do the pull up WOD but maybe not the double under WOD, you can choose Rx or scaled. Rx will automatically have a higher overall potential for points but it is worth more to do a WOD scaled then not to do it at all.

For example:


9 min AMRAP

10 pull ups

10 thrusters (95/65)

alternating rounds with partner

Scaled WOD

9 min AMRAP

10 Ring Rows

10 thrusters (75/45lb)

If this is a WOD where you can’t do pull ups, you might have to scale it, but if you can do the pull up’s but it will take you longer, then you should do it Rx. Utilize your coaches to help you make the best judgment.

This is going to be a fun event and we encourage everyone to do it!! Sign up sheet will be out in December along with pricing on signing up.