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The Power of a Positive Mindset

Whether we know it or not, our mindset towards a workout and the thoughts we have before, during and after a WOD affect our abilities to perform.
I want you to imagine that it’s 8:00 pm and you check the WOD for tomorrow.
Overhead squat 95/65
Double under
Toes to bar
If the first thing you thought was “oh no, I can’t do toes to bar!” or “dang, I can´t string 21 double unders together,” then you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage. Before the workout has even started, you are telling yourself that you can’t do something… seems counterproductive to me. You might not realize it, but you are giving yourself an excuse to give up and for some, a reason not to show up.
In our latest blog, The POWER of a Positive Mindset… Learn 3 Steps to Keep a positive outlook on your workout… and maybe life!

Step 1: Identify What you Like

When you look at the workout the night before, identify everything that you LIKE about the workout (oh good, the weight isn’t too heavy… or, I’m really good at overhead squatting, I can handle that). Next, take a look at the rest of the workout and identify what is going to be a challenge. Realize that challenges are now OPPORTUNITIES. These things are what will make you better, so even if you aren’t stringing double unders together, try changing your mindset to “this is a great WOD to practice DUs.” Finally, put those two things together and come up with a plan. “I’m good at overhead squatting, so I’m going to crush that part of the workout. I’ll pace out the double unders and try to hit big sets, and then try and get big sets of toes to bar with minimal rest.”
Next: the workout actually begins. Have you ever told yourself, or been told by someone, to NOT drop the barbell? You are trying to pump through 21 thrusters, and you tell yourself “don’t drop the barbell.” Our brains, especially during exercise, tend to ignore negative statements. So rather than process “don’t drop the barbell” all you are thinking about is “drop the barbell.”

Step 2: Use Positive Statements

Use only positive statements to yourself or to your friends during a workout. Instead of “don’t drop the barbell”, try “get as many as you can” or “big set.” Also – when you do put down a wall ball, kettlebell, barbell, etc, tell yourself to put your hands back on it. Once you have your hands on the barbell, your body will naturally follow and start back up, reducing your rest time. The quicker you get your hands back down, the quicker you will start back up!
Finally: post-WOD. How many of us have been guilty of finishing a workout and getting upset because you didn’t do as well as you wanted? Sometimes we have bad days, bad workouts, we can’t control how everything goes, but we can control how we respond to everything!

Step 3: Celebrate The Success of Everyone

As soon as you finish a workout, no matter how long it takes you, go high five everyone else in the room. That is what we are about at CFP, you know that! Praising other people for their good work will naturally make you feel good about yourself. It helps you forget about how you performed, and it also makes everyone else feel great. If there was one movement in particular that gave you trouble, tell yourself that the next time it comes up, you are going to get to the gym 10 minutes early and practice it.
These 3 simple changes to your mindset will have a bigger impact on your performance than you might imagine. Try implementing them the next time you show up to the gym and you will be pleasantly surprised.
*Shout out to UpLaunch for sharing this content with us!*

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Habits, Streaks, and Cold Showers

As I started to set my 2020 goals and new habits, one of mine was to take a cold shower 3x a week. I put it on the goals board at CFP and I actually have been doing it every day not just 3x a week (so I’m killing it!).
With that said, a lot of people have asked me “Mike, what’s up with the cold shower?”. My answer is always simple, I want to do something every day that is uncomfortable. The bigger reason, however, is that I want to make sure I can check something off every day and feel like I have accomplished something.
You see, when creating new habits you need consistent, intentional action in doing those things until they become a trait or something you normally do. Sometimes in this process, we fail to do those new things. That failure can lead to self-doubt and we may just give up. My idea was to do something that honestly kind of sucks but I know I am fully in control of it every day. I know that if I fail at everything else that day that I will have at least one win and I can check that box. This keeps me engaged, in a good mindset and allows me to continue to be successful.
As I thought about my cold shower, I started to read my daily email from Seth Godin which was a PERFECTLY timed email that aligns with what we have been discussing around building habits. The blog article is titled “Falling Behind vs. Streaks” and he talks about the concept that our culture punishes people for feeling like they are falling behind and that we are constantly comparing ourselves to the progress of others. The reality is that we need to focus on the progress we are making and to put all the other noise of what everyone else is doing to the side.
Seth describes that “real progress comes not from measuring ourselves against everyone else’s pace, but in building habits. And habits come from streaks. You’re almost certainly never going to win a 26-mile marathon, but if you train every day, you’ll finish one.”
My favorite line from the blog is below:
A culture of streaks can’t help but be mutually supportive. If there’s no behind, then there’s no ahead. But if we’re supporting each other in building new habits, we discover that opening the door for someone else also benefits us as well.
We talk a lot about this at Prototype that the hardest part is walking through the door. For you, in 2020 if one of your habits is to exercise more, your focus should be on just showing up. Don’t worry about the weight on the bar or how many rounds you get in your WOD. Just show up. Get that part down then we can focus on the next phase.
So what is that win you will have every day to keep you moving forward? Let me know
You can read the full article from Seth here.

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Thriving Vs. Surviving: Battling your Mindset

Everyone has those days where you just don’t have it. You’re halfway through a workout and you feel sluggish, overly fatigued, weak and you want to just quit. When we feel this way, we tend to forget the reasons why. Maybe you stayed up late to watch the playoff game the night before, you had a long stressful week, your routine was thrown off by life’s unpredictable nature or maybe you’re just tired.
When these moments happen, we might start to think we are regressing or not improving and we create this negative self-talk. We all have experienced it! There are days where you feel unstoppable and there are days where you feel run down and you’re not going to ever reach your fitness goals.
Even athletes at the top of their game have off nights where they might miss every shot or strike out 4 times at the plate. These events can make you feel pretty down on yourself. However, if you recognize that this is part of life and the journey that you are on, it’s much easier to embrace it. You need to realize life will move on, things will get better and just like hitting that perfect golf shot, it only takes one small moment or win to bring you back into that positive mindset.
A phrase that I like to use to describe this battle is “thriving vs. surviving”. At the end of the day you have a decision to make, will you give it your best no matter how you feel and push through the fog in your head or will you let it beat you down and muddle through it? Thriving when things are hard allows you to level up in life. Going through the motions and going through life’s everyday struggles as if they’ve beaten you down is no way to live.
You can compare this concept to your workouts at Prototype. Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit and stop? Have you wanted to work at a certain intensity and you gave up? The rest of your workout probably turned into a steady pace and you just survived through the time cap or until the clock ran out.
We all have those days where we want to quit and want to give up. We all have those days where our legs burn and we want to put the bar down when we only have 3 thrusters left to go. We all have those days where our brains won’t shut off and it keeps telling you to slow down. My challenge to YOU, (yes, YOU!), is to push through! The next time you’re in a scenario like this I want you to win the battle with your mind and THRIVE! Push yourself past that point where you think you have to quit but you know you can go.
All it takes is one small moment or win to bring you back into that positive mindset. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “Tough times never last but tough people do.”

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Progress, not Perfection

Progress, not perfection…

Pre CFP May 2012 (top)-CFP August 2012 (bottom)

The photo on top was taken around April/May of 2012 prior to the start of our buildout. The photo below was taken around July/August 2012 as we built out what is now CFP. As you can see, a lot has changed. Some of you reading this were here even BEFORE we painted the walls (Shout out to Jay Chung and Nicole Moore). Some of you reading this remember our pull up bars on the wall and that awesome (hairless) turf : )
As you can all see, we added some new equipment over the years, we’ve moved a bunch of stuff around (we do this daily to be honest) and oh yeah, we added a bunch of awesome people (you!)!
There are three key points to this post:

  1. Change is inevitable.
  2. Growth is never a straight line.
  3. The turf was a bad idea.

Think about this as you take on new challenges, learn new exercises, progress in your weight loss journey, start a new job, start a family etc… the list goes on. Things are going to change, nothing is constant… You’re going to grow and develop and there will be learning curves (it’s going to be hard)… And you will fail (yes, you will fail) and make mistakes, but it’s ok. That’s part of growth. “Failure is learning. Learning is growth”.
You could have asked me 7 years ago where I envisioned CFP was going to be and I would have told you that I haven’t a clue in the world, I just want to help people. We have had people come and go, growth hasn’t been a straight line and we have tried things and failed… but it’s all good. We learn, progress and move forward.
The point here is that there are few truths in this world and only so much you can control. If you take anything away from this email remember this, you can only control how you respond to these things in your life (change, failure, growth etc).
As you take on new challenges, as you set goals and as you try things that may be outside your comfort zone, it’s your decision to how you will respond to them. If you get knocked down, get back up. We all need a reminder sometimes about these things, I know I do!
Keep pushing forward #CFPFamily
-Coach Mike